The foundational concepts of Ron Rose Milagro haven’t changed from the early days. Focusing on innovation, creativity and client experience are the guiding principles we still follow. Located in what was originally a 1917 Ford Model-T showroom, Ron Rose Milagro has transformed the 14,000 square feet of space into a reflection of the quality content we produce. Equipped with our full bar, Rosie’s, stunning views of Metro-Detroit and state of the art audio, editorial and graphics suites, our space can accommodate any job.

Where We Started
Born out of the early 1970’s, we’ve always found innovative ways to make our clients happy. At the time, digital echo or reverb didn’t quite exist, so we created an echo chamber in the empty basement swimming pool of the Old English Tudor home that was once owned by baseball’s Ty Cobb, which is where the studio was originally located.

Expansion soon became necessary, and in 1976 we leased 3,800 square feet of space in Southfield, Michigan. Outfitted with the latest technology, a creative staff and quality afternoon cocktails served at Rosie’s, we revolutionized the post industry by truly catering to the heart of the business: The clients. Along the way, we expanded that location to over 15,000 square feet of knobs and buttons that would have made NASA jealous.

Where We’re Headed
We love what we do and plan to keep doing it for years to come. As a longstanding member of the advertising community, the relationships we have built and continue to build are a result of the hard work and dedication that Ron Rose Milagro puts into each and every job. Our mission is to help provide our clients with peace of mind. Peace of mind that their time with us will result in the end product being delivered on time and in the highest quality possible.


We have an editor for that. Our team of creative and finishing editors have produced content for every market you can imagine. From automotive broadcast to feature film, our unique team has done it.

Whether it is compositing and cleaning up a spot, animating or drafting an entire 3D environment, our graphics artists find new ways to craft truly amazing material.

This is where it all started. Our audio engineers have decades of combined experience that have lead to global recognition and appreciation.

On staff directors, shooters and production assistants have years of knowledge working in a variety of platforms to make any concept into reality. Combined with our other services, the production team can fully develop any idea.

Coda can add custom music composition and integrated sound design to your creative vision. Whether it be for a TV spot, radio commercial, or short film, Coda has the experience and creativity to work in any genre or musical style where your ideas may lead.