Matt Hallowell

Creative Editor

2018 Reel

Matt discovered his passion for storytelling when he picked up his first camera to shoot skateboarding sessions with his friends. While attending Michigan State University, he began to work in news, where he got behind the keys as well as the camera. There, he was tasked with telling each story in a captivating yet concise way and keeping cool in even the tightest of deadlines. The skills he developed in his journalistic pursuits have given him a unique set of tools that extend directly into the editorial suite.

Since Matt joined Ron Rose Milagro in 2014, he has worked on major campaigns including introducing the first aluminum Ford F-150 and Super Duty, a global relaunch of the Champion Auto Parts brand, and a first look at the interior of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator. As a Director with our production department, Freight 45, Matt has shot numerous local and national campaigns for a diverse set of clients such as Ford, CU Link, and Treetops Resort. He has the knowledge and experience to provide a unique approach to any project, and his library of work proves it.

This dude will work tirelessly with you to perfect your creative vision. But if you need a break from that, Matt can chat you up about sneaker trends, his endless hunt for vinyl, or the skateboarding days of his youth. | 248.424.8400